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Why you need to F*#@up!?

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Here at Change Vlog we believe that you need to try

something, get out of your comfort zone in order to make an actual difference. Even if that means making mistakes and failing in the first two, three attempts. We are strong believer that there is no such thing as a failure only a lesson, which is why we were honored to have Fari as guest in this episode of the vlog! Fari is one of the organizers of F*#@up Nights in Dubai which is an awesome initiatives to get entrepreneurs talking about their failed ventures in order to learn from their own and others mistakes as well. In this episode you can find out more about this initiative as well as how to pick yourself up after a failure. This is an extremely important topic for eveyone not just entrepreneurs, so make sure you share this!

This vlog is inspired by the works of Gary Vee, Impact Theory, Tony Robbins, Valuetainment, Ed Mylett and other hustlers who are motivating people to make a change!

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