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This Tuesday April 16th our first episode of The Change Vlog was premiered. In the first episode we had an honor to speak with a young entrprenour Vuk Zlatarov who is a cofounder of CreITive, a digital innovation agency based in Singapore with offices in Dubai and Belgrade. Innovation, digitalization, disruption, hustle, change, business and similar were just some of the things we disscused in our vlog.

Firstly, Vuk described the today's business scenary with a bold statement: “Companies will either go digital or they would die.” He explained how are nowadays the richest and the best-established organizations challenged by the newly developed companies that are tech in the core. 

Another major problem today is the inefficiency of internal communication or the complete lack of it. In order to prevent such problems from occurring, it is necessary to develop a strategy that will make sure that the entire organization is in line with everything that is happening. Thus, Evans Media has developed a framework called Content Waterfall, which is “A framework where we try to use the most out of the material that we filmed during only one event." 

To summarize, it is highly necessary for today's organizations to change their business activities and embrace the digitalization. However, before making any drastic changes it is important to have everyone in the organization up to the speed of why this particular change is happening. One of the best  ways of making sure that this information flows through the entire company is by using informative video content. Thankfully, there are companies like CreITive and Evans Media that will help you at every step of your way to make your change happen!

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