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Redesigning Talent Management

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"We hire for mindset, ethics, and integrity - not the skillset."

Why digital transformation is actually about talent, not technology? How to build a culture where people want to do things differently?

As passionate as he is about unlocking growth in the digital space, Kristof Lukovich from Chalhoub Group is the perfect person to answer these questions.

Kristof is here to tell us more about his hard-earned experience and strategies for building the right talent that companies need on their journey.

Tune in to learn about: - Why previous experience doesn't predict a new hire's success - Kristof's own 4R framework with the critical variables in transformational leadership - The importance of talking about your failures, with his personal experience - Why humility is a key part of your growth - How to make sure the real You comes through in job interviews.

Make sure you listen to the end, where Kristof shares his message for the talent managers.

Enjoy! #thechangepodcast

Host: Vuk Zlatarov

Guest: Kristof Lukovich

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